Mental Health Seminars for Corporate

Prescription Psychiatrists offers a wide array of Mental health services for corporations, conglomerates, educational institution and government agencies. Our mental health seminars can help you meet the mental health laws.

Seminars for Corporations and Schools

Corporate Mental Health Seminars

Mental Health Seminars

Studies suggest that 75% of mental health conditions begin before the age of 25. Early identification of individuals at risk leads to early interventions and a better outcome. Often, individuals living with mental health conditions feel distant from important people in their lives including friends and family. It is difficult for them to be productive at work. The truth is mental health issues are growing at a faster rate than any other disability in today’s workplace and economy. This growth is exacerbated by the stigma that still exists in the Filipino culture around mental health conditions.

This is why it’s very important for employers and school heads that they educate their personnel, students and staffs.

Aim of our seminars:

The aim of our seminar is to educate, break the stigma and equip employees, staff, and students with the right coping skills to manage mental health conditions if they arise. As education is part of the goal of these seminars attendees become aware of the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions. These make them aware of what to do if they or someone they know is showing any symptom.

The participants will learn about the symptoms warning signs of the most common mental health conditions including. At the end of each seminar, participants are expected to have increased confidence when they respond to a person who may have mental health conditions or issues.

Some of the topics of our seminars include:

  • Stress at work
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Leadership
  • Bullying
  • and many more

The goals of our seminars are:

  • For participants to understand the impact of mental illness on the employee.
  • Comprehend the importance of support from the workplace and school
  • Develop strategies for helping themselves and those who are suffering from a mental illness.
  • And many more

If you are looking for a seminar provider for your employees on topics surrounding mental health, contact Prescription Psychiatrists today.

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Management training

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Ensure you are compliant with The Mental Health Law

Stigma Reduction

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that
the business entity provide formal education for all staff
including senior management as to inform them to their legal
capacity or rights regarding mental health.


Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that a business entity considers implementing anonymous psychometric tests which are taken by all staff prior to an employee having a '1 on 1 session'.

Ongoing Support

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that
the business entity provides equal access to all employees in entities that are within the Philippines, including the highest
ranking management in an entity.