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Prescription Psychiatrists offers a wide array of Mental health services for corporations, conglomerates, educational institution and government agencies.

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Stigma Reduction

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that
the business entity provide formal education for all staff
including senior management as to inform them to their legal
capacity or rights regarding mental health.


Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that a business entity considers implementing anonymous psychometric tests which are taken by all staff prior to an employee having a '1 on 1 session'.

Ongoing Support

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that
the business entity provides equal access to all employees in entities that are within the Philippines, including the highest
ranking management in an entity.

Psychological testing and interviewing by a clinical psychologist helps businesses hire the right people. Our methods identifies whether the person is a good fit for your company and determines if the candidate has sufficient ability to elevate your organization. Psychological evaluations can be used in employee screening, succession planning, managerial selection, pre-employment decisions, and employee counseling situations. Financially, corporate psychological testing can aid your company from hiring the incorrect person, which may save the organization thousands of dollars. Psychological assessment can protect your organization by eliminating candidates that are not a good fit to your organization.

In essence, Psychologists use psychological testing to improve your business in many ways including but not limited to:

  • Gain a better understanding of a company’s management talent and potential.
  • To better recognize individuals that have strong abilities for developmental opportunities.
  • To discover whether an employee is ready for promotion or managerial work.
  • To tailor plans for development based on the individual’s specific abilities and deficiencies.
  • To gain a better understanding of a person’s poor work performance or personality issues and to tailor a plan for improvement.

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Our standard operating process for most corporations:

  • An invoice is raised for the predetermined scope of work.
  • The Entity is provided a blank time schedule for team allocation:
  • The Entity designates staff so as to not impact the Entity’s own operations
  • The Entity fills in the schedule with staff names and creates a spreadsheet with a list of personnel, names, emails and phone numbers.
  • The Entity returns the schedule and a list of test personnel to:
  • Our admins will create individual forms for Entity personnel to access the test via terminals in the clinic.
  • The clinic will send the Entity bulk “Patient Screening” Forms as so personnel can fill in the medically required information.
  • Personnel attend the clinic at their allocated time and see a psychologist or psychiatrist for the testing. Reports will be given to personnel or the Entity depending on preference.

Why did neuropsychiatric exam recommend for someone has a brain injury?

Commonly, people whose work requires physical movement, particularly have a brain injury -undergo a neuro psychiatric exam. In other words it is a purposeful assessment method.

Considering the study that reveals brain injury affects abilities, behavior, and emotions. Very common symptoms involve trouble in memorization or remembering things, composing the right choice of word, unclear vision, problem in multi-tasking. It can also deteriorate intelligence. So intellectual capabilities such as spelling, mathematical and reading are often affected as well. Changes in emotional responses may include frustration, depression, and anger management. So neuropsychiatric exam helps to clarify questions like:

How well the brain injured employee’s attention and problem-solving skills?
What is the level of skills in reading, arithmetic and spelling?
Does the brain injured employee need specialized assistance in learning new things
Another universal level, the neuropsychiatric exam can help answer questions like;

Can a person with the injury:

  • live independently safe?
  • successfully return to work?
  • Safely manage finances or prescribed medicines?
  • drive safely?

Finally, neuropsychiatric exam is an important tool. The process can help you and your doctors better understand your injury and recovery and better plan for you to receive the most effective therapy.

Psychological Testing For Employment Purposes

A psychological test for a job, often called a psychometric test, is a standard, scientific method used to measure a person’s mental capabilities and behavioral style, says the Institute of Psychometric Coaching.

These tests are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude. In other words, a psychological test for a job is designed, as noted, to see how well a candidate would fit in a business organization and how well she might be expected to both perform on the job and fit well into the company’s culture.

It can be helpful for a small business to understand how an applicant would take a psychological test for a job. In other words: What would be the process of taking such a test from the job applicant’s perspective? Clinical testing is usually administered by clinical psychologists working with abnormal behavior and mental disorders.

Clinical Testing is an excellent way to clarify and diagnose the nature and scope of a person along with the possibility of discovering whether or not they have any disturbances and dysfunction.

Neuropsychological exam documents patterns of strengths and weakness among cognitive and behavioral functions.

According to National Academy of Neuropsychology. neuropsychology is concerned with relationships between the brain and behavior. Neuropsychologists conduct evaluations to characterize behavioral and cognitive changes resulting from central nervous system disease or injury, like Parkinson’s disease or another movement disorder. Some neuropsychologists also focus on remediation of or adaptation to these behavioral and mental changes and other symptoms.

Neuropsychological exam evaluation may also include more in-depth assessment of visual-spatial and visual-perceptual skills, visual-motor and fine motor coordination, verbal and visual memory, aspects of language, and adaptive functioning.

In general, a neuropsychological exam will typically include assessment of intellectual functioning (IQ), academic achievement, attention and executive functioning, and emotional and behavioral functioning. The evaluation may also include more in-depth assessment of visual-spatial and visual-perceptual skills, visual-motor and fine motor coordination, verbal and visual memory, aspects of language, and adaptive functioning.

Psychological Testing for Employment

Psychological testing for employment is the systematic way of measuring a person’s mental capabilities and behavioral patterns. It is also known as psychiatric testing or aptitude test, conducted with the use of written, verbal, or visual evaluations administered by mental health professionals.

According to Mike Smith in his book “Testing people at work” explains “People are different. Some are intelligent, whilst others are slow-witted. Some are warm hearted, whilst others are cold-blooded. Some are motivated by money, whilst others are motivated by ideas. Jobs differ too. Some jobs require slow-witted, cold blooded people who are motivated by money. The task is to measure people’s characteristics in some way, so that these characteristics can be matched to the requirements of the job”

What is the Importance of Psychological Employment Tests?

Psychological tests for employment are given to individuals who are applying for a position or those who are currently part of a company that has a requirement to undergo such tests in order to determine, in particular, the ability of potential employees to work under stressful situations and to assess the potential of a prospective employee to handle the job effectively under those conditions. This type of test also helps a company to have an unbiased hiring decision and prevent future costs for workers who are not suitable for the job.

These tests can identify strengths and weakness; determine goals, and can serve as a tool for self – development.

In the Philippines, it was already implemented by the government that companies or corporations should provide mental health care for their employees and psychological testing for employment is part of the mental health care package because they are the first procedure in determining and distinguishing mental health problems.

What are the Types of Psychological Employment Tests?

Clinical Tests – Clinical tests are composed of different given tasks executed to diagnose and plan for a treatment that suits a certain patient.

Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (Intellectual Quotient) – IQ tests are conducted to measure the intelligence and cognitive memory of a person. This type of tests requires a respondent to answer a series of tasks, in which he will be graded accordingly to the prescribed guidelines.

Personality Assessments – Personality tests are combined tasks given to a respondent to evaluate his personality and emotional status.

Behavioral and Adaptive Functioning Tests – these are two types of clinical tests that determine how well a person is doing in his everyday life and determining if he is facing possible behavioral problems.

Who Administers Psychological Tests?

Psychological tests are being administered by licensed mental health professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists, the only difference between these two is that psychiatrists are the only ones who can prescribe certain medications to a patient, but both specialized in dealing with mental health. So, either way you can still get the same service that you need to be satisfied.

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