Mental Health Policies Planning

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Mental Health Policies Creation and Formulation for Corporations

What are Mental Health Policies?

Why are they Important?

Mental health policies for your company defines a vision for the future of your company and your employees. It establishes the benchmarks for the treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of mental health conditions and disorders of your staff and employees. Organizational mental health policies also help breakdown the stigma in the workplace and help employees open up about their conditions.

Mental Health policies in the workplace are very important because it coordinates the most common services and programs related to the objectives and goals of your organization or entity. Without mental health policies in place programs and services are most likely to become inefficient and very fragmented.

Why Have a Solid and Focused Mental Health Policy in the Workplace?

A growing trend in mental health disorders is on the rise. Even in the The Philippines (considered as one of the happiest countries in the world), the statistics of mental health disorders are on the rise. Scientific evidence shows the concerning causes, course, and the consequences of mental health disorders not only to the personal life of the sufferers but also in their workplace. Companies who invest in creating effective policies and interventions surrounding mental health conditions are more likely to thrive as happier employees are more productive.

The Mental Health Act now requires every companies and corporation in the Philippines to come up with effective mental health policies in the workplace to ensure that the stigma surrounding mental health conditions is broken. If you are in need of help in policies creation, contact Prescription Psychiatrists today.

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Stigma Reduction

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that
the business entity provide formal education for all staff
including senior management as to inform them to their legal
capacity or rights regarding mental health.


Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that a business entity considers implementing anonymous psychometric tests which are taken by all staff prior to an employee having a '1 on 1 session'.

Ongoing Support

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that
the business entity provides equal access to all employees in entities that are within the Philippines, including the highest
ranking management in an entity.

Corporate Mental Health Services.

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