CoVID19 crisis UPDATE:

Online services only ARE available

Following the directions of the Government, our clinics will be unavailable. Online services are available through Booking an Appointment. Mental health prescriptions and refills will be sent digitally for use in your local pharmacy.

Patients require an internet connection and a mobile phone or computer with a microphone.

Pricing is between 2000 - 2500 pesos per session. Spots are limited, payment upfront is required to secure a slot. 

Our mental health team will call you within 12 hours to assist you booking a time slot with a clinician.


Compulsive Sexual Behavior 

Mental Health Services for Corporations, Families and Individuals.

Recovery from sex addiction is more than stopping compulsive sexual behaviors. True sex addiction recovery is much more.

  • Establishing and maintaining balance in all areas of your life
  • Recognizing and healing emotional wounds that have fed your addiction
  • Maintaining a caring and nurturing relationship with yourself
  • Accepting responsibility for the damage your addiction has caused
  • Holding your boundaries to protect yourself from others when necessary
  • Holding your boundaries to protect others from you when necessary
  • Recognizing when you are not being your “recovered” self, accepting responsibility for this, making amends as appropriate, and getting back into your “recovery”
  • Seeking out and maintaining connection with a healthy support community
  • Supporting others in their sexual addiction recovery
  • Living life in moderation

Contact Prescription Psychiatrists to book an appointment with our Therapist regarding counseling and treatment options for compulsive sexual behavior.


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