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Cancellations and Other Policies  

Prescription Psychiatrists is here to provide you with the very best care and attention. We attempt to be available during the times our patients most need. At Prescription Psychiatrists, we understand that unanticipated events occur in everyone’s lives. However, out of respect for both our clinicians and the patients who are trying to rearrange their busy schedules, we ask that you do your very best to not cancel appointments last minute or not show up for your scheduled appointment.

In our commitment to provide outstanding services to all of our patients and out of consideration for our clinicians’ and patients’ time, we have adopted the following policies:


Arrival at the Office


Please arrive for your appointment 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time in order to ensure a complete session. This allows you the time to fill out any appropriate forms and prepare for your treatment.


Tardy Policy

As you can imagine, late arrivals can set back our schedules significantly. As a courtesy to our patients, if you arrive late, your session maybe  shortened to the remainder of your original scheduled appointment.
The first offense will be forgiven, but any following will be charged 100% of the scheduled service price. If more than three visits are missed or tardy, advanced payment will be requested.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule your appointment without charge prior to 24 hours in advance or by the end of business hours (7:00 pm) the day before your appointment. If you cancel or reschedule with less than the aforementioned notice or via voicemail after closing the business day preceding your appointment, you maybe charged 100% of the scheduled service price.


No Show Policy

Out of consideration and respect of our practitioners’ time, if a client does not show up for a scheduled appointment and does not provide any type of advanced notice, the patient will be charged the full price of the scheduled visit.

We understand that sometimes life is a little out of your control and that unforeseen circumstances happen.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to helping you.


*Please Note: Not receiving an automated reminder is NOT an acceptable excuse for missing an appointment.  These automated reminders should be considered a “bonus” to keep you on track with your schedule and should not be relied upon as your sole method of knowing when your appointment is.


Waiting Time

As we are a high demand clinic. Please note that there may be some waiting time when you attend your session. Rest assured that our clinicians will do their best to meet you during your appointment. 


Do you have staff?
Ensure you are compliant with The Mental Health Law

Stigma Reduction

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that
the business entity provide formal education for all staff
including senior management as to inform them to their legal
capacity or rights regarding mental health.


Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that a business entity considers implementing anonymous psychometric tests which are taken by all staff prior to an employee having a '1 on 1 session'.

Ongoing Support

Prescription Psychiatrists and Psychologists recommends that
the business entity provides equal access to all employees in entities that are within the Philippines, including the highest
ranking management in an entity.

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